ISAK Coming Soon

We have a new brand coming soon called Isak, they do fantastic homewares in modern prints. Coming soon are trays, breadboards and super cute gift cards. So keep an eye out for them instore in the next few weeks.

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  1. Carey Schroeter says:

    Hi would love to be informed when the Isak stuff comes in. Also, am keen for a pink heart measuring set. ANy more or those coming?

    • made590 says:

      hi Carey,
      Isak has arrived and we have the cards out right now. Trays and breadboards are here but not out on display, so if you would like to come in please just ask, we are more than happy to show you šŸ™‚ Also doesnt look like we will be getting any more heart measuring cups in the pink! We are really disappointed about this news but if they do happen to restock us we will let you know on the website and blog.

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