everyone meet, made590 customer, Diane McLane.

What is your go to Made590 piece/outfit you wear over and over? A Penelope has always been by go to dress, but Petra is coming a close second! (This Penelope is my first one I think! Love love love the print.)

Why do you choose to shop at and support us here at Made590? Choosing Made590 is easy – fab staff, you stock garments that are great fitting, well made and in fun fabrics, plus handmade in Australia. Reducing the travel footprint of goods I buy is something I try to factor in when possible.

What would be your Made590 dream piece? Oohh maybe a pinny, sateen or barkcloth, maybe a lemur in the forest.. perhaps other forest animals would be there.. or just beautiful vintage floral. Or a penelope with a slightly bigger pocket for my giant hands.