everyone meet, made590 customer, Cecilienne Matienzo

Why do you love Made590 and choose to shop with us?
Made590 is such a wonderful company that creates wonderful pieces of clothing that is inclusive to all bodies. It’s so nice to know that if I wanted to dress matchy-matchy with my friends I could, because made590’s sizing allows that, and for being a plus sized lady that’s important because not many stores provide that opportunity. The team are so wonderful and willing to help with outfit suggestions, lay-bys and just friendly conversations! 

What is your most commented on Made590 piece/outfit? 
My flower ladies Valentina and Patsy skirts- I loved the print so much that I bought the 2 different styles in the same print. The colours and the varied styles of the skirt allows for different outfit options – for all seasons! Even better, they match the awesome Kirbee Lawler’s brooches! 

What Made590 piece do your wear most often? I love the Valentina skirts! I have a small (but growing) collection! I love the style, the length and the options for dressing the skirt up or down. I also love the valentina because it can be used in all seasons. 

What would you love to see more of at Made590? I would love more Valentina’s and Patsy skirts! I would also love to see some pinafores that would fit me- perhaps a different cut. The current style isn’t just suited to my body – but I still adore the styles regardless. I would also love to see some maxi-dresses and more dresses and with longer sleeves.Customer reviews would also be awesome – like what Lisa Hutchinson does when she tries on new ranges which she posts on Instagram.