everyone meet, made590 customer, Michelle Frolich

Why do you wear/ Made590? There are so many reasons. Firstly, I absolutely love the prints! They are so cute and fun and colourful and definitely suits my personality (I used to wear a lot of plain black and I still do, but love all the colour of Made pieces). I also love the style and cut of the pieces as they are so flattering. The quality of the fabric and how the garments are made also is why I choose to buy and wear the clothes. To know that they are locally made, with natural fibres, quality fabrics and yarn and that they will last me a long time, makes it even better. Its all about the quality. I think of it as an investment into something that brings me so much joy and makes me feel happy when I wear it.

What do you love about our in store experience? Of course its the amazing staff that work there. I know that when I visit the store, I am always going to be there for a while, not just trying on the new pieces that have come in, but because I know I will have a great chat with whoever is working. Its always so nice to go in and have a chat and feel like you’re walking into a place that is so warm and welcoming, almost like home!

What’s your most commented on Made590 piece/ outfit? There have been quite a few actually, with most of the Made590 pieces or outfits I wear getting comments. They are mostly for the Trixie Dress in the Blue Banded Bees print (love that one!) and any of the Clementine cardi’s that I have, which is quite a few. Also the Kookaburra Edie dress.

What’s your go to Made590 outfit that you pick up often without having to think about? It’s got to be the In the Jungle print Jeanie skirt. It is so comfy, a great length and an awesome print! Definitely my go to. Also love my Peas and Carrots green Pinni and the Ruby Dress in Native Posie.