Check our new fantastic window! Designed and patiently installed by the talented team at Made by White; Lyndsay, Kel and Ben. We decided to give them free reign over our window, told  them go crazy with their vinyl cutter and ‘made590 the greatest show on earth’ was created. If you don’t know much about the Made By White brand you are really missing out, not only is their jewellery a made590 favorite and best seller but we are now also obsessed with ‘Sticky Apple’, Made by White’s new vinyl stickers! New gift cards have also just arrived and there are talks of many, many, many new products to the follow, we can’t wait!!
Made By White have been a massive support for made590 pretty much since we opened our doors and we can never thank them enough for everything that they do, without them we would be lost. Personally they have to be the nicest, most generous and creative people I know and I am so happy that I get to work with them. I will stop singing their praises now as they are not into self promotion (I know, modest as well!), but if you would like to know more about Made By White check out theie website: or the blog and of course in store at made590.