New Bangles

New to made590 this week, super cool Par Amour resin bangles!  Available in 4 designs, deer landscape, birds on a wire, tetris and pacman. Get in quick, they’re handmade and an absolute steal at $35!

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  1. haoqian qiu says:

    Hi, I like the bangle of deer landscape very much. Do you guys still sell this bangle?If yes, i will but it immediately.If no, could you tell me where can i but it OR could you guys make a new one for me ?

  2. long says:

    i want the deer landscape bangle, can you tell me how to get that? please!!!

  3. long says:

    if you have the bangle, can you sell it for me? please, it will be my girl friend gift

  4. long says:

    i just need one more, can you help me to contact with the design. please!!!

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