New Totem Instore Now!

We have 5 gorgeous new Totem pieces for you to drool over at made590. There are new dresses, a skirt and a lovely soft cotton top.

The pink and red are a fitting cotton lining with an overlayer and flutterty sleeve, perfect for party season!
The dresses are the perfect red, pink and teal shades, in overall prints and soft, soft cotton! The teal base dress is lovely and loose with a free tie belt.

The top has just the right amount of coverage, with a beautiful little fluttery layered sleeve and a neckline that can be untied and worn open. The skirt is the classic Seria favourite, with side pockets and a swingy skirt which is the perfect length, in the same print as above photo.
Do pop in and try on one of our new totem pieces, you’ll be sure to love them as part of your wardrobe this summer!

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  1. HP says:

    The pieces are beautiful but marred by the terrible Photoshop job, particularly the last one.

    • made590 says:

      I know we totally agree! These were the images supplied to us by the company and we didn’t have time to re shoot because they sell so fast. I guess you just have to think if they look good in the terrible photoshop job done then they must look good life real life as well 🙂

  2. Mrs Bok says:

    When oh when will you open a Melbourne store!!

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