Life Instyle Sydney kicks off officially today and runs for the next 4 days. We had a busy day yesterday setting up and had the chance to get some pre-show photos to share with you all! Christina has worked tirelessly over the last few months to bring some amazing new brands to distribute: Crowded Teeth, Lounge Fly, Graphic Spaces and Candy Stripe Cloud. As well as that she has also designed a new winter clothing & knit range and is distributing some amazing new vintage look ceramics and a spectacular new fake deer head!! (More of that later!) Also the existing brands that made590 distribute have introduced new items in their ranges. Overall the stand is packed with lots of new goodies.

Doesn’t it look amazing?! Please also go to our facebook page to see the full album of photos.
a little note from christina:
A trade show is HUGE amount of work and each time I want it to be bigger and better than the last one, so needless to say we keep raising the bar and it keeps getting higher!!
There are so, so, so many people that help me with the Made590 tradeshows and every time we do one I think how incredibly grateful and lucky I am to have such amazing people working with me.
So there are a few people that I have to thank, actually not a few but a lot, so sorry if this bores you to read but I have to thank them because I couldn’t do what I do without them:
– My amazing children and partner Paul who put up with me working all the time and my major freak outs when things don’t go my way!
– Lyndsay and Ben who are just the best and most talented people I think I have ever met, and especially to Lynds who seems to be able to read my mind when it comes to what I want : )
– All the girls who work with me at Made590, I truly have the best staff who again interpret what I want even when I can’t even explain myself properly (ha ha). Each one of the girls at Made590 are irreplaceable and are so great to work with they make my life a lot easier.
– Ingrid for laying out, measuring and help design a very colourful, packed trade show stand.
– All the original and fun brands Made590 distributes and makes, the list keeps getting longer and I am so proud to be able to distribute their products across the country.
– My parents, sisters, father & sister in laws who are always getting roped into doing something for the business or babysitting!
– Abbey for taking care of my kids when we are working….
AND of course to all the Made590 customers who continue to support Made590, without you we wouldn’t be able to keep growing!
There is probably so many people that I have forgotten to thank and I am so sorry if I have, I am writing this right after we have finished setting up the trade show so exhaustion is setting in.
I hope you like the display and all the new brands that we are now representing, next trade show there will be even more!
christina x