Above photo at Finders Keepers Melbourne – by Sean Fennessey

We came across the work of Fold Studio at the Finders Keepers markets! After chatting to Roslyn Campbell one of the designers at Fold, we heard the she was just about to head over to Milan to exhibit her amazing chair that she designed at an upcoming Furniture Fair as part of the Melbourne Movement! As we’re big lovers of all things industrial design, and have a soft spot for amazing chairs we were so proud and amazed to hear!

Here is a little blurb about the chair:
The Crizón Chair has evolved from four key ideas – traditional thermotherapy, utilising hot rocks to relax muscles, links to floatation and the body’s production of endorphins, a personal tribute to a dear friend, and an investigation into long lasting materials suitable for the outdoor environment.The result is a unique, floating, therapeutic outdoor chair that will last through time.
We will be stocking some Fold necklaces at made590 after Roslyn returns, so stay tuned for more details when they arrive instore!!