Tooth Fairy Kit now instore!

Isn’t this the cutest?! I think we all would of loved our very own Tooth Fairy kit when we were younger, making the experience of loosing a tooth a bit more exciting! The Offical Tooth Fairy Kit is from Melbourne design label Almond Tree Designs, and includes a beautiful letterpress printed certificate, and one re-usable printed cloth bag for your first and subsequent transactions. We have a limited amount of these available instore for $18 each. Give us a call at the shop if you would like to mail order one of these if you live interstate.

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  1. Me And Boo says:

    What a brilliant idea! I had a little pillow with a tiny pocket that you put the tooth into. I was actually thinking about it just recently, wishing I hadn’t gotten rid of it. I think it was a bit manky though coz I remember I used to chew on one corner of it.

  2. Tessa says:

    Oh these are so cute.. do you still have some left?.. I must come visit the shop x

    • made590 says:

      Hi Tessa! Yes we do have some left, please let us know if it easier to send out to you. The Toothfairy kits are so fantastic and beautifully presented, I bought 2 for my boys 🙂

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