For this coming Spring/Summer season we wanted to create some really new and different pieces. The best way to stand out is to create our own original fabrics and we have been going a bit crazy using the spoonflower website.
Here is a very sneaky peak at one new fabric design we have coming out in the next month or so.
For this print we worked with the amazingly talented local graphic designer and illustrator Andrea Smith! Andrea is a long time friend of Made590 and over the years has done a few other prints for us also. This print though is by far the most amazing, Andrea has completely outdone herself.
I thought I would share with you some of the processes Andrea went through before the final product was finished.
*Just so this makes sense- this is a yardage print and will be digitally printed so we can have as many colours as we want!
Sketch 1:

A bit more detailed:

The repeat is created:
Colour ways are optioned and then combined:


The print idea came from a book that my sisters and I had growing up, it was called Fire Fire (I can’t find a link to it anywhere on the internet- although I know its still out there!). It was read to all 5 Kelly girls and I still remember Mum’s exhausted voice saying ‘fire, fire!’ for the millionth time, and because I am the 5th in line I think Mum would have been happy to never read it again! Anyway, the book is about animals in a forest who think they can see a fire but no smoke and it is about them trying to get closer to the fire and in the end its not a fire but orange forest flowers! Riveting I know, but it kept us all entertained and is now being read to the next generation, although they don’t seem as mesmerised!
I showed Andrea this very well loved book and explained the concept of the story and she took her own interpretation and created this amazing artwork.
I am sure you will all agree that the final product is spectacular, I can’t wait to get the fabric samples back so we can start making… Stay tuned to see what we make in ‘fire fire’.
*I have to say a personal thank you to Andrea who created this work in record time and with such perfection and love. It is amazing to work with people who are as passionate and dedicated as yourself! Thanks Andrea!! Christina x