Probably one of the items that we have all been most ridiculously excited about receiving in Made590 is The Storybook Rabbit Skirt!

Kelly is the creator of The Storybook Rabbit and illustrates the cutest bunnies you have ever seen, all inspired by her pet rabbit Juno.  You can check out more of her bunny goodness at her ETSY shop here.  We worked with Kell on one of our most popular shapes, the side pocket skirt, and added a digitally printed panel of her family of bunnies. All the bunny characters are individual and decked out in the most amazing clothes a bunny could ever wish for!

We only made 30 skirts so they are extremely limited, and if you count in how many the made590 staff are buying themselves, there aren’t many left!
They are instore and online now, YAY!!