We all love a lucky dip here at Made590, especially when they are filled with amazing fabric pieces! We have many wonderful bits of fabric here at made590 waiting to be made into something amazing, so we thought we would offer some lucky dip bags of these off cuts for you to get creative with!
Unlike the previous rounds of Fabric Dip Lucky bags, this time round we have sorted things a bit differently. We have three different types of Lucky Dip Bags- The Buttons Bag, The Quilting Bag and the Luxury Bag featuring all new and different fabric pieces from the first two rounds.
The Button Sized Lucky Dip Bags are great for making fabric covered buttons, earrings, hairclips or for craft and kid’s projects, while the Quilting sized Lucky Dip Bag is great for Dolls Clothes, Quilting and crafts. The Luxury Lucky Dip bag is filled with very special large pieces of fabric that are perfect for dressmaking, quilting, home decor and crafts – the uses are only limited by your imagination!
Each bag is is filled with different pieces so feel free to purchase more than one – ONLINE NOW UNTIL SOLD OUT!

Button Sized Pieces are great for Earrings, Hairclips and crafts!


The Quilting Lucky Dip Bag is great for Dolls Clothes, Quilting and Crafts!


And the Luxury Fabric Lucky Dip Bag is filled with very special, Large pieces of fabric perfect for Dressmaking and Home Decorating!