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Merry Christmas from Made590!

The silly season is well and truly upon us now! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and you aren’t too overstuffed with pavlova! Our opening hours are slightly different over the next few weeks while we wind down and have a bit of a break. Never fear though, as our online store is still open for business! Any orders placed while we are closed will get first dibs when we open our doors again on the 9th of January. We all hope you have a great New Year!

We are Full to the Brim of Amazing Things!

After a few busy weeks in the lead up to Christmas and preparing for the last Finders Keepers market for the year we have just finished the last big update of the website for the year! While our little website elves take a break they have left you with a HUGE range of new goodies to pick from! From dresses perfect for your New Years Eve parties to skirts and tops to get you through the warmer weather, there is something that is sure to tickle your fancy!
Below is just a small peek of all the new things on the site, we are very excited about all of our new things and hope you are too!
made590 dresses
Made590 edith
cadet sail made590
made590 skirtsmade590 tops

Our Big Christmas Weekend + Sydney Finders Keepers!

It is a big weekend for us at made590 this week, with Sydney Finders Keepers upon us and lots of goodies instore and online for Christmas too! Our latest newsletter has just landed in your inboxes, but if you aren’t signed up then you can take a peek here! If you aren’t signed up (we don’t know why- our newsletters are awesome!) then you can sign up to our mailing list right here.


A Clog Blog

Are you excited? Come Jog into store where you will find our beautiful new Clogs, perfect for a walk with your dog in the fog or for catching frogs in the bog and a picnic perched on a log with a festive glass of Eggnog…enough of that now!
Our beautiful new clogs have landed in store and we are brimming with excitement! We are restocked in all of our colourful favourites made from quality leather, Suede and Nubuck with a solid yet comfy wooden base. Our classic styles include the beautiful low heel Teal Madrid clog, an incredibly comfortable and gorgeously weaved fit, the bright and cheerful Madrid Yellow clogs and a range of our delightful Rio styles in classic black, Marina and the brand new Natural to match everything in your Made590 wardrobe!
Find our clogs here and buy online, come in store and try them on for the perfect fit or order over the phone…


Madrid Low Heel Clog Teal: $160.00

Madrid Low Heel Clog Yellow: $160.00

Brand New! Rio Grande Low Heel Clog Natural: 160.00

A Shiny New Site!

blog_new_made590-siteAs a little birthday present to ourselves we have a new website to share with you all.
We are full to the brim with Christmas gifts and clothing for the festive season, so click through and have a look at all our new goodies!