You know when we really love a style around these parts when we run it in two lengths! The Baby Bonnie skirt is the little sister of Bonnie, the exact same perfect cut, but around 5cm shorter (plus it sounds a whole lot cuter, right?). Part of our Golden Apple range, she is launching in a range of amazing fabrics, including metallic linens, canvas, liberty lawn and fun kitschy cotton prints. We’ve saved the best bits for Baby Bonnieq!
FEATURES: Baby Bonnie is the same flattering cut, with less length going into winter so you can wear her with tights and boots and have just the right amount of leg showing! It’s also an ideal length for the shorter gals of the world (like a few of the made590 ladies!). We love the way the hemline kicks out slightly where the lovely reinforced band sits around the bottom, creating a structured but fun cut which will be versatile with a lot of our tops and basics. The length (similar to a Kelly or Kylie skirt) will be long enough for summer, but perfect in winter if you want to wear knee high boots. The same cute pocket placket detail will break up busy patterns, and the flattering pleats will give you an ideal a-line silhouette back and front. Belt loops complete this skirt giving you the option of tucking in your favourite top and belting to dress it up if you wish.
HOW TO WEAR: Wear this little lady with fitted tops (such as our flutter tee, autumn long sleeves and Rizzo tee) tucked into the waistband and your favourite belt to finish, or with a blousy top such as the Ginny, Felicity or three leaf for a more relaxed look. You could wear bare legs and mid calf boots, our metallic sneakers with patterned socks or throw on some sandals while summer sticks around. Remember the Baby Bonnie is a slightly shorter length, so will be really versatile with many shoe combos and layers too. We are looking forward to wearing ours under warm coats, with chunky scarves and simple tops this winter.
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Sizing: XXS-L

img_4235 img_4240 img_4237Bonnie Skirt – Succulents $135.00

img_4475_1 img_4486_1 img_4476_1Baby Bonnie Skirt – Liberty Check $135.00

img_4507 img_4511 img_4506Baby Bonnie Skirt – Cats $135.00img_4570 img_4576 img_4574Baby Bonnie Skirt – Frida $135.00img_4581 img_4585 img_45811Baby Bonnie Skirt – Bears $135.00img_4515 img_4519 Baby Bonnie Skirt – Fluoro Spot $135.00