We really know how to do winter here at Made590! And boy are we excited as ever to be releasing our newest take on the Chelsea Cape this season. Chelsea is a favourite amongst us girls – after designing this with a hood for the last few years, we decided to mix it up this year and add an adorable collar instead! Perfect for perching your favourite brooch on, the collar makes for a slightly more dressy feeling cape, which we’ve made in 4 winter-essential coloured wools!
This original design of ours has a tie through waist, which has a flowing back panel like a traditional cape, without being too free flowing (no spinning off your shoulders or robot arms!) as the tie holds all your layers in order without restricting movement! Hurrah! The collar can be worn quite closed or folded back with a little bit of the cute contrast lining showing. All linings are hand cut and many are one of a kind, hand-picked from our stash of fun cottons! We also adore the scalloped edge, and you’re sure to get lots of compliments on this one.
Without a doubt this cape is the ultimate coat without being a coat! Fun and playful, but also very warm and practical. It is perfect with dresses and skirts as the length is just right. The wool we use is lightweight and soft, not itchy, but it is great with lots of layers underneath as it can be tied as loosely or as tightly as you want. It’s also sure to make an impression when layered with our printed skirts and dresses, but is just right to dress up an outfit of jeans and a cute penny or felicity top, and in fact, if you tie the ties behind your back to create a sleeve and it looks just like a little kimono jacket you can wear open! CLEVER!
Available Instore and Online now! Get in quick as these are made in very limited numbers!
SIZING: One size fits all.

 img_6934Chelsea Collared Cape – Black Chevron $145.00


img_7108Chelsea Collared Cape – Black Green Spot $145.00


img_7153 img_6944_1Chelsea Collared Cape – Grey Kitties $145.00


img_7150_1 Chelsea Collared Cape – Grey Romance $145.00 img_7102 img_7104_2

img_6960Chelsea Collared Cape – Navy Parrots $145.00