Here is another look at one of our newest and most fun designs for this season! It’s a circus print by the very talented Megan Manning who also happens to work here at made590. She has a great blog and etsy shop too, so you can check out more of her work there. I thought today I’d take you through the process of how we developed her circus print right up till the final product, our circus print wrap skirt!

Here is the beginning of the design at the very first stage. At this stage we decided to add more objects and characters to fill out the printing space.

After adding more characters like Mr Elephant and the really cute circus carriage at the front, we thought a few textured and patterned areas might work out well during the screen printing, which can have a lot of detail and is all part of the appeal of hand printing something!

After the patterns were added, the final product ended up with a few more flying birds to create some depth and some nice solid areas of colour. And then it was ready to send off to get the screen made and then to print!

I decided to print the circus print on the stripey wrap skirt to create a great big-top like background for the screen print which is in red.

It was fantastic working with Megan again on a design! Because Megan is still such a young thing and is studying Visual Communications at uni it is really refreshing to work with a designer who really wants to learn and please their client. Megan put up with many emails back and forth with me saying maybe just bit more solid colour or maybe a few more birds or texture in the balloons. Never once did it seem to be an issue and I like the fact that Made590 will be included in an up and coming designers portfolio!  We think the final product ended up pretty amazing and hope you do too. Christina x