This coming Spring/Summer I have been working with some amazing artists and designers producing fantastic, original prints exclusively for Made590. This new design I am about to show you is one of my favourites and I have been living in the new skirt that has just arrived in store!
Foxes in the stars was created by Kell from The Story Book Rabbit and put together by Lyndsay from Candy stripe Cloud (to make things more confusing they are also both Made by White AND sisters!)
I gave Kell the ‘stars’ image and asked her to draw some foxies scattered and leaping throughout the stars. For pretty much the first time ever the first draft submitted was approved- shows how well Kell knows me!!

+original drawing Kell sent through+

The foxes were exactly what I wanted, they have a playfulness without being to cartoony or kiddy. I love the personality that they have, like all Kell’s drawings you want to pick them up off the paper or in this case fabric and give them a cuddle.
Off went the design to Lynds who put it all together and got it print ready. Contrast is always the key into printing fine lines- black as black and white as white can be. The difference with this print is that it is yardage not placement- meaning that it is all over the fabric, selvage to selvage. This is something that I personally cannot print as you need 10 metre tables, so naturally we used our good friends over at Publisher Textiles!

+final artwork sent to print+

It was fantastic creating our own made590 yardage print, as a designer is nice to know that nobody else will have our fabric (its like walking down the street and seeing somebody in the same outfit as you- disaster!).
for ‘foxes in the stars’ we have created 3 different styles (to keep everyone happy!)

+tie back smock top+

+kelly skirt+

+jersey skirt+

+tie back smock top+

As usual it was great working with Kell and Lynds, two girls that always seem to be able to read my mind, aaah what would I do without you both??  Christina xx
…Stay tuned for some other great collaborations with Kell from The Story Book Rabbit