Its not often that we come across a truly AMAZING website, but our lovely friend Lalita from Me and Oli, along with her talented partner have produced one!

Me and Oli are a long time favorite of Made590. Having worked with Lalita on the Roomance print that she designed exclusively for Made590, we knew that when this website launched that it is was going to be original, unique and well just pretty much fantastic.

From the first page of the website you know that are going to be purchasing! Me and Oli’s prints are one of a kind and the shapes are so different but timeless at the same time, I fell in love with the ‘a mosey dress’ (and had to have two!)

I personally know how hard Me and Oli worked on this website and the many, many hours it took to get built. Like any small business it’s a lot of hard work with a huge amount of time put in after their day jobs finish (I am imagining quite a few late nights here!). A massive congratulations has to be made to Lalita and her hubby for being perfectionists, it certainly shows in the design and the products!
So what are you waiting for? Start shopping!
Christina x