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Thank you to all of you who entered our competition, it was so lovely to hear all the positive feedback and as a little thank you we would like to offer everyone 10% off the top 4 voted outfits!
And the top four voted outfits were:

Sue’s outfit – 1.Made590 Lenny Winter dress in Bikes and Stripes 2. Red Riding Hood Swing Jacket in Check3. Cute Enamel Brooches 4. Made590 Navy and White Polkadot Socks with Red Bows 5. Yellow Vegan Coloured Belt

Rory’s Outfit – 1. Gnome Enterprises Bunny Tee $25 (instore only) 2. Raisin Did It Slouchy Pants $29 (instore only)


Kelly’s outfit – 1. Made590 Popcorn Knit Cardi in Crimson 2. Made590 Moonrise Shift Dress in Daisy Chain 3. Made590 Yellow Vegan Belt 4. Made590 Red Tights


Megan’s outfit – 1. Made590 Navy Popcorn Knit Cardigan 2. Made590 Everyday Tee in Hot Pink3. Devils at Dusk Sunset Skirt 4. Made By White Flamingo Brooch 5. Made590 Navy Tights


Christina’s outfit – 1. Made590 Cyd Skirt in Cute and Clutter print 2. Red Riding Hood Swing Jacket in Red 3. Made590 Everyday Tee in Hot Pink  4. Made590 Scarf 5. Made590 Tights in Hot Pink

Patton’s Outfit – 1. Gnome Enterprises Yeti Tee $25 (instore only) 2. Tumble Dolls available here

Head over to the website to grab these great outfits on sale now! But Hurry, sale ends on Tuesday!