Win a $150 Voucher + Made590 Spring Picks

Our Spring Picks Competition has now ended. Congrats to Tijana who won our $150 Voucher! Thank you for all of your great feed back and suggestions!

Megan’s Picks: 1.McKean Dress in Neon Pink Brocade $135 2. Emily Green Cindi Necklace $70 (instore soon) 3. Omm Design Pocket Circus Nesting Dolls $22 4. Florence Skirt in Yellow Roses $130

Jess’ Picks: 1.Stevie Dress in Seersucker and Daisies $130 2. Each to Own Horse Brooch $20 (instore only) 3.Mozi Olive Oil Decanter $45 (instore only) 4. Florence Skirt in Cranes $130

Kelly’s Picks: 1. Indigo Tee in Chambray Spots $77 and Florence Skirt in Plushies $130 2. Woodland Doll $30 3. Emily Green Necklace in April $80 (instore soon) 4. Kirbee Shirt in Floral $88

Christina’s Picks: 1.Ena and Albert Necklace $45 (instore only) 2.Indigo Tee in Geometric $77 3. Bear Tumble Doll $39 4. Weekend Dress in Navy $99

Kirbee’s Picks: 1. Beatrix Dress in Summer Floral and Stripe $135 2. Dandelyne Cat Brooch $30 (instore only)

3. Lawn Flamingos set of 2 $45 4. Jemima Jacket in Denim and Floral $105

Paul’s Picks: 1. Darth Vader and Son Book $19.95 2. Men’s Blindwear Tee in Made590 and Surrounds $35 3. Ryan Berkley Black Squirrel Framed Print $38 4. Jane Jenni Papa Bear Print $13

Beck’s Picks: 1. Cadet Dress in Dada Geometric $99 2. Omm Design Fox Plate $13 3. Made By White Donkey Cart Brooch $35 4. Sail Dress in Geometric Owls $120

Kym’s Picks: 1.Thelma Button Dress in Spot $105 2. Motex Labeller $19.95 3. Not Tuesday Necklace $45 (instore only) 4. Lattice Skirt in Black Denim $110

We are working very hard to get as many products onto our website as possible, however there are some products mentioned that are not available as yet. If there is a product that you desperately want or would like more information on please feel free to email us or phone on 02 9550 1020.

Our Spring Picks Competition has now ended. Congrats to Tijana who won our $150 Voucher! Thank you for all of your great feed back and suggestions!

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  1. David (Jo) says:

    My favourite thing is seeing if I can delete it before Jo starts obsessing over your latest stuff!

  2. Me And Boo says:

    I really like the staff picks because it’s nice to see what the staff like – they have such great taste! I also like to see the new stuff that comes in.
    I’d like to see more pics of pets in store!! Maybe a feature on staff companion animals. Customer pets?

  3. Tanya Merinda says:

    How about photos of customers wearing their new Made590 pieces? Like you did for a previous newsletter.
    I also love the idea (of course) of customers wearing Made590 WITH their pets in-store!

  4. Emma says:

    I love staff picks cos they often put together combos I wouldn’t have thought of and show me non-clothing items I may have missed in my obsessing over pretty frocks!

  5. Rebecca says:

    I love seeing the latest window displays!!!!

  6. Holly says:

    I love… All the pretty colours, all the pretty clothes, all the pretty THINGS! And that it makes me want to head right in and try some things on. Hmmmm, day off tomorrow…..

  7. Anna says:

    I like everything but I really like seeing the staff in your clothes! It gives me a good idea what will suit me when I am ordering online.

  8. Sarah says:

    Fun, interesting layout, unlike the hundreds of other newsletter I get. I love seeing the staff picks, not just of clothes but also accessories and home wares. It’s a great way to showcase your products!
    I would love to see a competition to let a customer design something for the store. Maybe the top 3 could feature in the newsletter and the customers choose the winner!

  9. Fiona says:

    With recent focus on ethical and fairly made garments, I’d be interested to have small features where you can ‘meet the maker/designer’. I’m always interested to know where my clothing or accessories are made (go Aussies!) and who the face is behind them. I’d even love to see the faces of the people who made my Made590 sunset skirt. I doubt that the designers you stock would mind the extra marketing either!

  10. Lu* says:

    I love getting new gift ideas from your newsletters … I’ve just become an aunty for the second time … this time round I have a beautiful set of twins … the tumble bear doll & nesting dolls will make for the perfect addition to their nursery! Thanks for keeping me the “coolest aunty” in the inner west!!

  11. Jacqueline says:

    I love the staff picks – it’s great to see their different styles and it all shows what a great variety of products you have in the store! 🙂
    It would be great to see more behind-the-scenes stuff – how a certain dress is designed & made, meet-the-maker features, and I definitely agree with Sarah about a competition for customers to design something for the store!

  12. Megan says:

    As I live interstate I love visiting the store vicariously through the newsletters, Facebook page and website. I love the store window and in store display pics and the staff outfits. You all have such eclectic and lovely ways of combining pieces. Can’t wait for my next trip to Sydney! 🙂

  13. Joe says:

    I like being notified of sales, new items in stock & highlights of staff picks. This keeps me up to date as I can’t get to the shopp as often as I’d like.

  14. Lynda J says:

    The thing I love most about the newsletters is seeing all the lovely Made590 staff in the clothes. It gives a great idea of how it will look on, and ways to mix the pieces. The whole newsletter is always so festive and happy, I love the colours and illustrations. Maybe little snippets about the staff and the other amazing things they do, and something similar on the customers.

  15. Maggie says:

    The staff picks are good as it shows other peoples personal tastes and a variety of items.
    It shows there is something for everyone.
    I think maybe you could eventually elaberate and show some customers ideas and what they have dobe with their purchases.

  16. Annabel says:

    I’d actually be very happy to see more newsletters – some *ahem* other retailers email as often as 3 or 4 times a week (although agree that’s probably too much). I actually like and savour yours. I rather enjoy taking a moment to browse through the delicious treats online you send me, and I often follow up with a visit to the physical store… Agree with others above about seeing staff picks and also real people in the clothes – gives me a much better idea of what might work for me.

  17. Tabitha Newton says:

    I jut adore the quirky stuff you guys have. I discovered you quite by accident and am so excited to start stocking my wardrobe up with dinky dresses and cute shirts 🙂

  18. Jenna says:

    I like the frequency of the newsletters and the heads up on sales that are coming. It reminds me to have a good look through the website for clothes for myself and present ideas for other people!
    You could send double the amount you do now and it wouldn’t be too much 🙂

  19. Emma says:

    I will always open a Made 590 Newsletter, you know how sometimes you sign up for some but never look at them, I will always have a look at yours as they just make me happy. I live on the Central Coast and have 2 kids and a trip down can be hard, so the newsletter will let me know what I may have to purchase off the website or if you will be at the Finders Keepers. I also love seeing your lovely outfits on the girls via Instgram, they always look amazing. Maybe some more photos of the men’s stuff as when ever I come down I will always get my man a tee as he loves them.

  20. Susan says:

    I love the Kids Animals, how about how customers used them in their kids room, that would be great, maybe a voucher for the best room!

  21. Natalie says:

    My favourite thing is seeing your clothes being worn by your gorgeous staff. I don’t get up to Sydney that often so seeing your clothes being worn makes online shopping easier so I can figure out what pieces would suit my body shape. I’d love to see more mix and match combinations of tops and skirts!

  22. Jo says:

    I like to see how you team up outfits and put them together. For someone who likes what they see but struggles to put a style together themselves, I love to be able to just copy the skirt/top combos.

  23. Nyree says:

    Best work procrastination tool ever! It’s also good for unwarranted spending. The best bit is seeing all the new stuff coming in which leads back to the first 2 points. Endless cycle…!

  24. Great newsletter full of inspiration for the lovely warm Spring weather. I like to see the collections highlighting each persons style. My favourite item is the Indigo Tee in Geometric as it reminds me of the first time I saw a coloured telly in the real.

  25. Joanne says:

    I love seeing pictures of commoners wearing their picks 🙂

  26. Ilona says:

    I love how you feature a variety of products so I can purchase gifts…. and accidentally buy a frock for myself.
    disclaimer: shhhhh don’t tell the husband!

  27. Lili says:

    I was going to say my favourite thing about the newsletter was the staff picks, but the I saw the Florence Skirt in Yellow Roses and now that is my Favourite Thing Ever!

  28. Natalie says:

    I really appreciate it when you show a whole look put together… With lots of bold colours and prints, it can sometimes be hard to imagine how you’d style a whole outfit. I also love the input from staff. I would quite like to see real people (even and especially staff) modeling their fave items… Sorry if that sounds pervy guys! It’s just cool to see what an outfit looks like on a real person.

  29. kate says:

    I enjoy seeing what’s new, and if you will be visiting any markets (living in VIC). Perhaps it would be useful to know of markets a little more ahead of time, for those of us living interstate (although I lived in the Inner West for many years!). Keep them coming!

  30. Cat says:

    Love to see the window displays, what staff are wearing and staff picks- I find that quite inspiring! Especially the little collections including accessories. X

  31. Domenica Conte says:

    I miss you guys! I have to come in for a wardrobe revamp desperately! Love the easy peasy ‘at a glance’ looks. Love the colour and movement feel! Enjoying your real live models. Gives me options now prior to coming in so I’ll extend my fossicking efforts when I’m in store! Dx

  32. Sharon says:

    I love the staff picks too.

  33. Gemma says:

    I love everyone’s ability to mix and match patterns. And doesn’t an Emily Green necklace just go with everything?

  34. I must admit that I enjoy your Facebook stream more than the newsletters. What I love about the Facebook stream is seeing all the new products that are in, I love seeing what your staff are wearing each day and I love seeing your Friday windows. Maybe you could incorporate some of those things into the newsletter.
    I love love LOVE that Cranes skirt that Jess has picked. I might have to put that on my wishlist.

  35. Melissa says:

    I love the regularity of your updates! It’s a little ray of Newtown sunshine that appears while I am sitting in front of my computer in Melbourne. And I send a vibe of happy thanks to my good friend in Sydney who first introduced me to Made (she might be reading this…yes, it’s you MDJ!) So just keep doing what you are doing, OK?

  36. Deanne Fazio says:

    It’s no surprise that nearly all my clothes purchase are from Made590. I love the newsletter and Facebook and Instagram pics as it lets me know what has arrived and I TRY to stay away – really I do !! (NOT). Love the individuality of each and every Made590 item.

  37. Kate says:

    I really like the “Picks by each person” but maybe you don’t need so many. xxx

  38. Amber Waugh says:

    I love being able to see all the new cute and quirky items that are up for grabs! Honestly, the newsletters are filled with so many amazing things already, it just makes my day whenever I receive one!

  39. Louise Clement says:

    Love it!!!Love window displays.Love that REAL people model clothes.Nothing to change.

  40. Jess says:

    I love finding out about new products and sales, also love the gift ideas!

  41. I have always been a fan of Made 590….the fabrics are different and unique, the styles are flattering and made for real women, their accessories are versatile and gorgeous, and the homewares are simply divine. It’s great to see Made 590 continuing to grow and to inspire those of us who don’t want to blend in with the crowd. Thankyou!!

  42. Amanda says:

    I love seeing the clothes being worn by all different body shapes, and looking fantastic! Would love to see more larger size suggestions. Also love the bright and happy design of the newsletter.

  43. Megan says:

    I really look forward to the newsletter in my inbox. I think it’s really well designed, inspirational and most importantly, not too frequent. Really like seeing the creative people behind made590 and the individual picks. In a nutshell, a well curated newsletter that really sums up the individuality of made590.

  44. Sue McMAhon says:

    Becks choices are amazing! I would love to experience spring in these new dresses! And Rory would love the plate!

  45. Chris says:

    I enjoy reading about the clothes combos and when the sales are coming up! Excited about the spring collection- yummy material.

  46. Giula Sandler says:

    The absolute best things are the sales, I can’t resist them. People say walking into the store is like walking into my closet, which is a little too true. Now I need some good pants, please stock some!

  47. Suzannah says:

    I probably prefer the facebook feed to the newsletter as I like getting tidbits amongst the other posts on my homepage. I really love seeing your staff in their outfits, it’s so good to be able to see what the clothes look like on actual bodies!
    I would love to see customers in their new Made590 purchases too, for the same reason. Maybe shoutouts to customers who tag you?
    I also love taking inspiration from the staff picks as accessorizing and layering are not my strong suits!

  48. Nicole says:

    I love how by buying fabulous pieces from made590 I am supporting Australian designers; I would love little pictures of the pieces explained by the designers about what inspires them! Awesome

  49. Janine Ford says:

    The colours, the patterns, the fabric!!- I love seeing real people wearing them and looking great! I have always been a big fan, your stuff is fun, playful, practical, comfy and sophisticated all rolled into one! Keep up the great work and supporting Australian designers and makers!

  50. Miranda says:

    I really love your “special edition” blogs with gift ideas for special occasions! Being time poor – it’s fantastic to get some great, weird, unique and wonderful gift ideas and I’ve never gone wrong with any of the gifts that I bought at the shop.
    Would love to see a bit more of your kids clothes in the blogs though and maybe a “mummy and me” clothing range 🙂

  51. Marie says:

    Love the colours, recommendations from your staff and the easy to red layout of your newsletters. Would maybe love to see your most popular products, love seeing what other people are buying!

  52. Julia Rose says:

    I love the overall design of the newletter – bright, fun and stylish. I also love the staff picks as it gives the newsletter personality along with giving you some great style ideas.

  53. Allison says:

    Love when outfits come together on staff and customers. Very inspiring!
    I would also suggest maybe a ‘how to wear 3 ways’ feature, where you might choose a piece of clothing and give it different looks. (I know all the staff excel at this in the store … it would be great to share it with others!).

  54. Tijana says:

    I love this ‘staff picks’ segment and how it highlights special pieces, so more of that, yes, please 🙂 Also love you girls wearing/modelling clothes/jewellery, it comes to life much better and for all of us that don’t live or travel often to the city, it makes online shopping much easier. I enjoy reading about designer’s background/materials/crafting processes too, so maybe ‘a monthly designer/illustrator spotlight’ or something like that? I love how FB page shows special new/vintage fabrics and all the new designs, Friday windows, so maybe more of that in the newsletter too as to add more immediacy 🙂 Sales infos I love, of course, I tend to always get it from the newsletters. Cheers x

  55. sarah g says:

    I love your staff picked collections! Sometimes I might not see the potential of a dress or another item of clothing until I see it in context with other accessories. Your newsletter has really good content and and you have great sales!

  56. Monica says:

    I always look forward to Made590 newsletters! I often check my email at the end of the day, after work and no matter how hard my day has been, a Made590 newsletter always puts a smile on my face. I am brooch obsessed, woodland obsessed, cute pattern obsessed and dress obsessed so the newsletters never fail to please me. My favourite thing about the newsletters is that I get to see all of my interests/obsessions come together as I love (and covet) most, if not all of the products. Also, the staff have fantastic taste and their love for the products and product testimonials make me feel more confident in making purchases as I am assured that the quality is also there. I love the creativity of the staff (soooo much talent) and therefore the design/layout of the newsletters also.

  57. Margaret says:

    I like the staff picks as I can put names and styles to all the lovely staff I see when I wander in the store. I think it would also be really cute to have the staff wearing their staff picks!

  58. Margaret says:

    I like the staff picks as I can put names and styles to all the lovely staff I see when I wander in the store. I think it would also be really cute to have the staff wearing their staff picks! Or maybe even a “setting” section with outfits for office, going out, the beach, etc..

  59. Pru says:

    It’s always great to get the Made newsletter. I especially like the staff choices, the colours alway give me a buzz!

  60. Samantha says:

    Just obsessed with the styles of your dresses and always look forward to the new fabrics you get delivered and seeing the amazing designs you create with them.
    Your staff are so creative, i am addicted to your blog, i’d probebly stalk your store if i lived in Sydney!

  61. Melitza says:

    I love receiving so much prettiness in my inbox from made590!! Great layout and illustrations make the newsletters so captivating to read and look at the details.
    It would be great to have gift guide suggestions in a newsletter – like for different personalities (geeky, outdoors, romantic, kids party, sporty etc etc) or for different members of family.
    Also would be nice to meet the different designers you have in the store – like a short interview or a studio visit.
    Keep up the awesome work! xm

  62. Rachel says:

    I always love a Made 590 newsletter update, brightens up my day looking at all the gorgeous fabrics and designs. Your clothes are just divine and I have particularly enjoyed the staff picks! Also liked the last competition with staff and customers wearing your designs, as helped to see how fabulous the pieces look when they are worn. Love your work and always such a treat to visit Made 590!

  63. Eileen says:

    I love seeing the fabulous new frocks in all their glory – such pretty fabrics! And all the cute things, especially from Omm Design. The newsletter is always full of such bright, happy colours 🙂 and it’s a great way to keep up with all your new stock for those of us 🙁 who can’t visit your store in person regularly.

  64. Melissa LCB says:

    I LOVE how colourful your newsletters are, gorgeous but never overwhelming! The staff picks are great as its always nice to know what you guys are loving. I really can’t think what you could do better! x

  65. Renee says:

    I love seeing your clothes on real people with healthy, realistic bodies and happy faces. I would love to see more of your kids’ and men’s lines. Often I visit the shop with the intention of buying clothes for my family and end up leaving with a new outfit for myself – oops!

  66. Louise says:

    Hi there! I love your newsletters – the staff picks and gift ideas for special occassions are my favourites. I’d love to see some plus size dresses available please? Thank you for the giveaway 🙂 xo

  67. Florentina says:

    I love seeing updates of what’s new in store and seeing what’s stocked because I love all the made stock!!! (seriously though, amazing)
    One of my favorite things about made is the fact that the majority of the products are locally made or made in Australia. I’d like to know more about that aspect of things. The origins of the products and the love that goes into creating each item. 🙂

  68. Kirsty says:

    The Made590 newsletters tickle me pink!.. even when I don’t have a dollar to spare… they make me “ooOooo… and ahhhHhh…” and scrimp and save so I can lose myself for an hour in your wonderful shop, with helpful staff – who’ll zip you up in a jot! I’ve never been known to not leave with a piece.. for a gift or a friend or if I’m most lucky ME! {Love your style, your colours, your service – which is all personified in your newsletters… the material sneak peaks give me a heads up to start re-directing my coffee money too 🙂 }

  69. Emily J says:

    Absolutely love the newsletters! Often share them with friends and bookmark products I want to check out in store. Because I rarely have to go in to Newtown for other reasons, receiving the newsletter is a great reminder of the beautiful things you always have and makes me make a point of getting to you more often. Keep them coming please! 🙂

  70. Nic says:

    The staff pics are a great way of highlighting pieces and are styled in a really lovely appealing way. Best of all the newsletters get me in the shop!

  71. Pip says:

    Can you email happiness? You betcha! Beautiful ice-creamy colours! I found your staff so helpful today pointing me in the right direction to clothes that would suit my shape… Nothing beats doing this in person, but maybe a “This style works best on ladies with __________” would be handy.

  72. Katy says:

    Since moving interstate I regularly read the newsletters to check out what’s new. The staff picks and photos of real customers make it easy to see how items look on and what they work with. It’s almost as good as being in store. (Am also always pleased with the quick and way online and over the phone purchases).

  73. Caroline Johandiputri says:

    I love made590 as your fabrics are one of a kind, vibrant in colours and always new .its limited in stock so i love it means only numbers of ppl will have the same designs.
    I would love the newsletter to have more accessories, and the clothes shown worn by people instead f just flat shots. And Since i am living in Wellington , NZ would be nice to feature some of the photos from us Kiwi ‘s 🙂

  74. I just love seeing all the cool new clothes you come up with!
    I so love all the fabrics.
    And I love that they are designed and made in Australia – so special!

  75. Deborah Scheggetman says:

    I love the staff picks, the colours and styles of the clothes are fantastic. I love gift ideas segments. I would never buy anything if not for gift suggestions like this. It takes the hassle out of trying to come up with something unique and wonderful on your own.

  76. Fiona says:

    Love your newletters and all the designs. I would like to see maybe some pics of the clothes with someone wearing them along side the flat detail shots, then we get to see how it fits but also the detail of the garment. Another idea could be some background stories on your designers or brands you stock. Maybe some pics of kids wearing your designs in the kids line.

  77. Jo says:

    The design, the beautiful colour, seeing your staff dressed up, THE CLOTHES!!

  78. Amy Boyd says:

    As an overseas (Tasmanian!) customer I rely hugely on your ideas and for instore hints. I had the privilege of walking all the way down King Street to your store and it was winderful, sparkly AND I got to spend a gift voucher, but I was more relaxed at home with my own computer. You’ve done a great job of the online store being so well pictured!
    Love all the gift ideas.

  79. Bec says:

    Hope i’m not too late?? I LOVE the newsletters. It’s a little inspirtion burst in my inbox and makes me smile every time I open it 🙂 I’d like to see them more regularly!!

  80. Sarah Bohbot says:

    I think the design of the blog really suits the fun and vibrant products. I love the latest page where outfits and products are combined in themes. Keep up the great work!

  81. Katie Lowe says:

    I love seeing new products, love the great range if cute quirky things that you stock. I would love to see even more vintage inspired toys/figures (currently on my want list are a clonette doll, tumble doll & woodland doll, all in pink!!)

  82. Jojo says:

    With a store filled to the brim with utter deliciousness and delight, it is good to see what other peeps would choose if given the chance!

  83. Jess Melkman says:

    Wow! What do I like about your newsletters? Well, it is that continued feeling of being apart of Made590. From Instagram to Facebook, there is a lovely insight into all the staff. It goes beyond just being my favourite shop – it feels like a little community. The newsletters make the connection between all the social networks and bring you conclusively up to date with what is going on in the Made world. I especially love the Spring picks – it isn’t just any old newsletter – you know that it is an honest reflection of each persons fave things! And then it is all brought together with the cute aesthetic that is threaded into each garment! Woot Woot!

  84. Julie B says:

    Love the style, love the insights, love the clothes and accessories eye candy in my inbox! Would love to see more picks from different staff – enojy seeing their different tastes. Keep it up! Thanks!

  85. Clare says:

    To be honest, I get confused between what I’ve seen on facebook, email newsletters, the website and the blog, but I love seeing photos of new materials that you’re excited about. The enthusiasm is infectious & this is what brings me in to Made!

  86. I like the staff pics as they offer an insight to things that I wouldn’t have found myself!

  87. Jo says:

    Seeing the faces behind the scenes of made590!

  88. Linda Blair says:

    Like nearly everyone else I really like the staff picks. My favourite have been the times when they have worn their picks do that I can see how the combinations work on.

  89. Cheryl James says:

    Love the variety of styles and materials, always get compliments wearing your clothes.
    Makes a more mature women very happy!! Thanks for a great website love seeing the girls and their choices. cheers!

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