You asked and we listened! We love all of our designers at Made590 and are super excited to start bringing you our Meet the Designers at Made590 interviews! First up is the lovely Sonia from Dandelyne.
D-Logo-7.1-sml-e1344563392197made 590-5Who are you & what is your brand name?
Hi … I’m Sonia Lyne of “dandelyne”
What do you create?
I create embroidered delights in a unique miniature embroidery hoop frame. My designs include cute little animals through to a celebration of colourful stitches and everything in between. They can be worn as brooches or necklaces.
How long have you had your business?
Nearly 2 years now … and I feel like it is still early days. Happy days!
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What is your number one favourite thing about being a designer?
The feeling you get when an idea/visual comes to life … and it looks even better than you expected.
Who are your favourite designers/artists?
I swoon over Kirra Jamieson’s artwork – love love love.
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What do you love most about having your own business?
Simply knowing that I am doing something that lights me up every day.
Where do you do your best work?
I work from a little space off the side of our lounge room. It is a great sun lit little space. I also tend to take over the kitchen table at times. For now it works perfectly.  I can be working and still be a part of the action with my 3 crazy boys. In saying that, I do also love night time stitching, when it’s quiet.
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Would you like to share with us your pets and/or children?
I am surrounded by BOYS. 1 big … delicious bearded hubby, 3 small … high-spirited Phoenix and fearless Anderson (twins) and super cool Austin. We have a beautiful pooch named Falkor who is a dingo, whippet, kelpie cross. He is stunning and is named after the luck dragon in The Never Ending Story.
What is your favourite afternoon treat?
Honey on a crumpet … YUMMO!
What is your most prized possession?
The first little stitched piece that I ever did. It’s of a little, blond girl wearing a red dress, and holding a green umbrella. My mum bought it for me when I was 7, hoping it would be a project that would keep me busy for the entire holidays. I finished it in an hour … my love affair with embroidery began.
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What has been your biggest challenge so far in relation to your business?
Managing my time. I always need more time, I dream about someone selling gift vouchers for extra time … now that would be awesome.
Are you Australian made and if so why is it important to stay Australian made?
Yes I am … including my little hoops. To be honest it just feels right. I want to continue producing my little hoops here, and hopefully one day soon, be able to employ some peeps to help make Dandelyne even bigger and better. This way I/we can proudly say they are Australian made when they hit other countries too.
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What is your favourite music to listen to when you work?
On high rotation at the moment is Clare Bowditch, The XX, Florence and the machines, Beth Orton, Regina Spektor, ONCE soundtrack and my favourite tune at the moment is “In Your Hands” by Charlie Winston. It’s not on iTunes yet but you can check it out on YouTube.  It will honestly set you up for the day.
What is your favourite thing at made590 at the moment?
I am in love with the new Dolly Top in Navy Floral and I have been eyeing off the Ramona Reversible Dress – Kitchen Kitsch. They will be mine soon ^_^.