We’ve been very busy little bees this Spring working away on lots of lovely styles, some old and some new so that you enter the new season with something special to wear for all occasions – whether it be work, play or everything in between!
With something to suit everyone we’ve got you covered with skirts, tops AND dresses!
Some of our newer styles, that we’ve only released for the first time, are the VERONICA Dress and the TRIXIE Shirt.
The Veronica is based off our very popular Penelope Dress which is the perfect A-line shift shape dress – we call her “the shift shape dress, that people who don’t wear shifts can actually wear!”. We’ve made Veronica with a ‘v’ neckline so that she isn’t as high and can be worn by many people, especially flattering for those with a bigger bust.
The Trixie shirt which we have debuted in some gorgeous Liberty of London fabrics, is all about the detail – but with a classic button down shirt style perfect for work, dressier occasions or even as part of your weekend wear ensemble.
And some of our classics like the Drew Diamond top which can worn with the round neckline to the front, or flip it around and wear it with the diamond at the front – a two in one top! How clever is that?!
Julia Skirt – One of our best selling skirts, and we’re not surprised, with an elasticised waist, you can’t really go wrong! Super comfortable to wear, yet lovely and structured to look at.
Flora Top – She’s a pretty, little top Flora – with a scalloped collar neckline resembling a flower. Flora is a great layering piece and can be worn dressy or casual.
Saski Dress – This one is a favorite of ours here at Made590 but we don’t do her often as she uses up alot of fabric, but it is so very worth it with her gorgeous full skirt. A perfect party dress and great special occasions. She’s also great for mums who are breastfeeding as she is a button down v-neck style. You have to get in fast with Saski though, as she comes and goes very quickly!
All stock in Online now and Instore. Happy Shopping!

Veronica Dress – kaleidoscope $135.00img_9133

Veronica Dress – Owls $135.00img_9152

Veronica Dress – Escargots $135.00

img_9169Veronica Dress – Linen Brushstrokes $135.00


Penelope Dress – Lots of Lobsters $135.00


Penelope Dress – Textured Fields $135.00


Penelope Dress – A walk in the glen $135.00


Penelope Dress – A Cat’s Life $135.00img_9186

Trixie Shirt – Alice In Wonderland $112.00


Trixie Shirt – Delicate Daisies $112.00


Trixie Shirt – Wonderment $112.00


Trixie Shirt – Royal Oak House $112.00img_9827

Sasha Top – Tiles $77.00img_9833

Sasha Top – Watercolour $77.00img_9844

Sasha Top – Perforated Geo $77.00img_9854

Sasha Top – Confetti $77.00


Julia Skirt – Halloween $120.00    img_9271

Julia Skirt – Fisherman’s Village $120.00img_9281

Julia Skirt – City Maps $120.00


Julia Skirt – Lots of Lobster $120.00img_9400

Drew Diamond Reversible – Ikat $77.00img_9439

Drew Diamond Reversible Top – Patch Perfect $77.00img_9473 img_9494Drew Diamond Reversible Top – Crosshatch $77.00

img_95071-copy img_9519Drew Diamond Reversible Top – Scallop $77.00

img_9573Drew Diamond Reversible Top – Floral $77.00


Saski Dress – Ice creams $155.00img_9641_1_3

Saski Dress – Swans $155.00img_9676_1

Saski Dress – Polka Dot $155.00    img_9755

Flora Top – Critters $88.00img_9766

Flora Top – Birdy Floral $88.00img_9780

Flora Top – Daisies $88.00img_9796Flora Top – Silhouette Floral $88.00 img_9812Flora Top – City Toile $88.00