You know a change of season is just around the corner when new product from other brands come into the shop!

Our racks are now full with so much new stuff to take you into the Spring season!

Here are some bright, fun and practical basics that will see you through day-to-day from Spring to Summer now available in-store from our friends over at ‘Surface Art’.

Lovely block coloured cotton voile tops, printed jersey dresses, 100% cotton drill skirts and lots of different prints to choose from!

All pieces are thoughtfully designed and Made In Australia.

Come and visit us, we have so much great stuff in-store now!


eaasye-tilly-cobaltTilly Top – Cobalt blue

XS-XXLessaye-bobby-top-stripe-aline-pocket-sea-greenBobby Top – Black/White stripe


essaye-feather-bobby-dress-blackBobby Dress – Feathers in Black

XS-XXXLessaye-feather-pocket-a-line-black-and-tiily-cobaltPocket Skirt – Feathers In Black


essaye-poppies-aline-orange-cobalt-blueTilly Top – Plain in Natural


essaye-sea-bobby-dress-green-1Bobby Dress – Sea in Green

XS-XXXLessaye-smoke-tilly-topTilly Top – Plain in Smoke

XS-XXXLessaye-striped-tte-shortShort Sleeve Tee – Black/White stripes

XS-XXLessaye-poppies-aline-teal-black__47000.1501565392.500.659Tilly Top – Plain Black


essaye-poppies-tilly-top-orange-cobalt-blue__69479.1500697772.500.659Tilly Top – Poppies


essaye-sea-pocket-a-line-red__61921.1501564712.500.659Bobby Top – Feathers In Black


essaye-wendy-denim__62872.1501564999.500.659Wendy Dress – Denim in Indigo


essaye-poppies-wendy-orange-cobalt-blue-2__05056.1500688945.500.659Wendy Dress – Poppies in Orange/Cobalt Blue