A new year is almost here so you better start checking off all those goals you wanted to achieve for 2017. Or you could just pretend like 2017 hasn’t ended at all, because let’s face it, we can’t get all our hopes and dreams done in just a year!
To get you off on the right foot for the New Year, we now have our 2018 ‘Earth Greetings’ calendar and diary instore.
All the Illustrations are created by Andrea Smith, the lovely and talented lady behind our ‘In the Jungle’ print. And all printed in Melbourne, Australia.
Come and visit us instore soon and grab your Kris Kringle gifts early, it’s the perfect gift for those hard to buy people –  and while you’re at it, grab yourself a calendar for the fridge and get your 2018 organisation and planning ahead of every one else!
2018-Cal-styled-500x500 2018-Cal-styled2-500x500 2018-Cal-styled4-500x500  2018-calendar-front-500x500
2018-calendar-back-500x5002018-calendar-opens-500x500  2018-Diary-Styled-1-500x500 2018-Diary-Styled-2-500x500 2018-Diary-Styled-3-500x500 2018-Diary-Styled-4-500x500