everyone meet, made590 customer, Jodie Whiting

Why do you love shopping at Made590?
I love dressing in a fun, creative way and I started going into Made590 about 14 years ago when I lived in the Inner West. At the time I had just graduated from University and didn’t have much money to spend but I loved going in and gazing at all of the lovely things in the shop. Christina and Kelly were always so kind and welcoming, they didn’t seem to mind that I would drop in and not buy very much, especially when I had my little girl and would walk around while she slept. It was that kindness and genuine care that stayed with me over the years and I kept going back to the shop and Finders Keepers. I eventually moved to Orange, NSW but kept in touch with what the shop was doing through Instagram. I began my teaching career and couldn’t wait to start collecting some fun, different and beautiful pieces from my favourite happy place. All of the pieces Made590 creates are thoughtfully and carefully made to suit normal women’s bodies in the most flattering way possible. I feel like they pay so much care to making sure they sit right and are made to play/ teach in (including the all important pockets!). I love that when I talk to Christina or any of the ladies, they remember and make suggestions based on the sorts of things I like. It is such a warm inviting place and it is so wonderful to know the people behind the clothes. I couldn’t be more in awe of the constant evolution behind each and every piece of clothing and I feel so happy and proud to wear Made590.         

What was your very first Made590 piece? 
My very first Made590 piece is a hard question! I think it might have been a white and red striped shirt with a felt fox on it? Or maybe a mermaid scale printed Bonnie Skirt? 

What’s your most commented on Made590 piece/outfit? 
This is also a hard question, people notice Made590 pieces and always comment. It is actually a lovely way to connect with other people in the Made590 community or to tell them all about the magical shop they come from 🙂 The Terrace Houses have a special place in my heart because they remind me of my Inner West Days. One of my all time favourites is the Andrea Smith Jessie Dress in Jungle Print – I have worn it every week over 2 years! And of course a cardigan rainbow to survive in Orange Winters.

What would be your dream Made590 piece?
Honestly Christina and the team always go beyond what I could even imagine for myself! I mean I’m so excited about the new swimwear/active range! I can’t wait to see what comes next.