On Saturday while we off to yet another park I checked my emails for a little sanity to see I had received a super lovely email from Beth, a Made590 customer.
Beth emailed to let me know about an AMAZING exhibition she is having at the moment and all the fantastic press she is receiving… AND in every single photo Beth has had taken for the exhibition she has a variety of Made590 outfits on!

Beth’s exhibition is called ‘Breadtag World’ and is on at the beautiful Sweets Workshop in Summer Hill. Beth’s artworks are all made from bread tags- how cool is that? To be exact she has used over 12,000 tags to create amazing worlds and astronomical pieces!! If you want to see how Beth puts them together watch her on Weekend Sunrise, where once again Beth is decked out all in Made590 clothing.

Beth emailed me thanking Made590 for making ‘such lovely clothes’ and that she ‘wears them most days’, Beth had no idea I was going to promote her exhibition, but I couldn’t resist! It was so nice of Beth to go out of her way to let us know such lovely feedback. Thanks Beth for totally making my Saturday and congratulations on a truly fantastic exhibition! Christina x