So here we are, it’s mid year and the cooler weather is upon us – which we love around these parts as it means we get to create and wear pieces that we can layer with! You’ll notice that we’ve re-invented our blog space after many years to make it a little more fun and colourful. With all of the advancements in our little business, we thought she deserved a bit of a face lift and a dedicated space you can come and visit to learn and follow along with our adventures. We hope you love what we have created and it’s a space on the internet that is inspirational, bright and brings an element of fun and joy into your day.

This will be a dedicated space to share our Made590 stories and all the behind the scenes happenings of what it takes to create our own fabrics, the inspiration behind them and all the in betweens like; manufacturing here in Sydney, our loyal Made590 customers and staff stories! Today we officially launch our newest range – The Botanist print conceptuliased by Chris, Kirbs + Kelly and finally put together and collaged by, Kirbee Lawler who creates many of our in-house prints. If you’ve been following along our journey for a little while, you would have noticed that for years now we’ve created our own fabrics. We’ve dedicated much of our work to ensuring that what we create is unique and one of a kind, and produced in small considered quantities.

The Story + Making of ‘The Botanist‘..

The Botanist print is our newest range available in-store and online and has been a fabric the ladies (Kell, Kirbee and Chris) conceptualised over two years ago. Us ladies here at Made590 are very sentimental individuals and like to create stories and art from the people and things in our every day lives. All of the prints and fabric we create have a personal story from our memories and history – or our wildly vivid imaginations! The flowers and foliage featured in this print are sourced from both Christina and her Mum’s garden. And actually, the story behind Chris’s garden is a family treasure. The rose featured in this print is the Queen Elizabeth Rose; her Uncle Al planted it over 50 years ago when he moved into the house that Chris and her family live in now.

Her garden has become quite a sentimental part of her home as the Queen Elizabeth Rose lives on in her Uncle Al’s memory. With the help of Chris’ partner Paul, it’s become a bit of a family tradition and ritual to keep it thriving ever year in his honour; and each year it blooms, Chris is reminded of her Uncle Al and the story of the how the Queen Elizabeth Rose got its name. We all love stories here at Made590 and knew that creating a print to capture this family tradition would be our way of allowing this story to live on in all of your lives too! A range dedicated to Christina’s family garden! We hope you love it as much as we do.

Created in-house by Kirbee Lawler for Made590

Some of our pieces from ‘The Botanist’ collection.

A close up of ‘The Botanist’