If you’ve been following along our Facebook page you would have noticed that in March I launched a special new album called the, ‘Made590 Customer Wardrobe Competition’. I wanted a designated space on the world wide web for you to be able to share all of your Made590 outfits and for you to get the chance to receive something in return for your loyalty and commitment to wearing our locally made goodies! It has so been so fulfilling to read and see all of your stories, and how much joy and confidence our clothes bring to your days. And to read how these have served you through both bright and sometimes more challenging days. I really do believe in the power of personal style and the art of playing dress up; so thank YOU for sharing your adventures with me!

For those who may not know about the Facebook Album, here’s a little break down for you. On the second Thursday of every month I draw a random entry from our FB album, the lucky winner goes on to win a $50.00 gift voucher to spend at made590. The only condition of entry is that you MUST submit a photo of yourself in your best Made590 outfit along with a blurb about why you love our clothes, how they make you feel or why you choose to support our locally made goodies. We currently have 227 photos in the album, so let’s keep it growing! The more photos you submit, the more entries you receive – every photo submission gets one entry. All you have to do is Facebook message us your photo entry, along with your blurb. I update the album every Monday and Thursday, so be sure to check back then to see your photo entry! Here are some snapshots above of all your colourful outfits and some customer highlights below of some of the stories about our Made590 pieces. I’d love to hear from you, so please Facebook message me your entries! Until next time, Nat x

Made590 customer outfits + stories

“I love this outfit because it was actually one of my first purchases from made590- I had bought it in the Valentina style first and when the patsy skirt came out I just had to have it!
I guess it was the print that started my love for made590… and what more is that it was part of the every body range! I remember going into store with my friends … and actually being able to try on the same clothes as them which was not always an option for me. Thank you made590 ♥️” – Ce-Ce Matz

“When Mummy is wearing a “fancy dress” then you bet my daughter Willow wants to as well. I love this dress so much but the memory of this photo is a little unfortunate. We went out for dinner with the family, I was reasonably pregnant, had terrible baby brain and forgot to do the zipper up at the back… no one pointed it out for hours. It’s not a short zip and my undies definitely weren’t “fancy”… You’d think the embarrassment would dampen my love for the dress but it’s still a go-to for dinners out!” – Erin Baker

“I’m grateful to the friend who tapped me on the shoulder about Made590 expanding into their Every Body range, because thanks to her I discovered the Jessie dress. I want to rename this dress the Memily dress because it feels like it was cut near-perfectly for me and my booty! I already own Jessie in two different Kirbee Lawler prints and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Jessie and me. 💖” – Mem Rynne

“I got all emotional looking back at photos of my favourite Made590 outfits because I realised that a) your clothes have been at basically every birthday party, special occasion, night out, work day and weekend since I first discovered you! and b) I don’t take enough photos of my outfits! 🙀
I’m going to change all that!
Thank you for more than a decade of putting the colour in my life! ❤ love the winter greens in the pinafore. I always feel a bit mysterious when I wear this one” – Beth Taylor

“I first fell in love with Made590 at Finders Keepers December 2017. Back then I thought I was too old for pink, and I would not wear a dress unless it hid my legs… fast forward to today when I wore my lovely Saski dress and I felt wonderful!” – Catherine Maitland.

“Here is a photo of me the other night when I had sudden realisation that I was head to toe made (before taking the photo I also had a made scarf on). Where do I begin? This is my favourite belt by far, and I style it with pretty much anything I’m wearing. The pants are a recent purchase, and every time I ware them I feel like I’ve made a big effort to look fab, but feel as comfy as wearing trackies.
The cardigan, I mean, the cardigan! a staple and a favourite, as is the shirt!!!” – Maja O’Dell.

“Shopping at Made 590 is always fun, and to wear and own such beautiful clothes keeps me coming back again and again. For women like me, (who are of a certain vintage) retail can make you feel invisible. I love that every time I come to Made590 I am made to feel special and valued. Thank you to Christina and all the girls at this very special place in King Street” – Janet

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