If you’re like us here at Made590, you would have binge watched the new series ‘Shrill‘ over the weekend on SBS demand. A fabulous American web television series that centres around Annie Eastmon, a full-figured woman who wants to change her life — but not her body; she is trying to start her career while juggling bad boyfriends, a sick parent and a perfectionist boss”.

The pool party scene was collectively one of our favourites here amongst us ladies – it was just so refreshing to see all bodies represented, celebrated and embraced. And to have it reaffirmed, that what we do here at Made590 is just so important. Although we are a small scale business, our mission and goal is always maximum impact to help every body find clothing that fits well, is made to last and you feel confident and comfortable wearing.

We were so excited to see the below scene in a television series and had to share it with you all! “It’s so hard to find plus sized basics” – is what one of the characters at the pool scene said.

We also learnt that much of the main characters wardrobe was custom made as the costume designer + stylist of the show couldn’t find clothing for the actress Aidy Bryant in her size. A lot of the clothing that was available in the actresses size came from fast fashion brands, and this just solidifies why we do what we do here at Made590.

Women want to be able to shop their values, support small business and locally made fashion – whilst also looking stylish and confident! There really aren’t a lot of small scale indie brands addressing the lack of inclusive sizing, and you shouldn’t have to resort to fast fashion brands and retailers alone as the only option.

The Every Body range exists for this reason, so that all Women are included and represented in fashion and we can all wear fun, well made, ethical fashion with quality materials that stand the test of time.

This week we launched our Every Body Every Day range, a range that proves it doesn’t have to be hard to find plus size basics at all! These pieces really are the staples to a capsule wardrobe, as well as the perfect accompaniments to a collectors wardrobe that is full of print and pattern.

We’ve got you covered. So, let me walk you through what we’ve created!

Here we have four different Valentina skirts available in our Every Body sizing in lovely jewel tone colours. We decided to grade our Valentina to a 2X to cater to more people, so you will find, all our Valentina skirts will now officially be available in S – 2XL (AUS 6 – AUS 26). The Valentina skirt is by far our customer favourite when it comes to our skirt styles. It’s the perfect statement shape with its dramatic, fullness – with a flowy drape making it ultra feminine and elegant. You can’t help feeling anything but super special in this skirt. We decided to create this Every day range of Valentina skirts in block colours so you could easily mix and match – whether that be with our other basic tops like the Easy Tees and Rizzo tops we have styled here – or teamed back with your printed/patterned tops. The Valentina skirt is the perfect piece for work with its modest length, but also appropriate for special occasions and gatherings, as it accentuates the waist and has a regal fall to the fabric making it feel formal, without it being constrictive and uncomfortable. One of our favourite design features of the Valentina skirt is its adjustable waist – it has multiple button settings on an adjustable band that you’re free to move around, which means you can tuck in a chunky knit or sweater or accommodate a big lunch! It’s one our most versatile and clever designs, if we do say so ourselves!

Our easy tees are, well, quite literally that! They’re an easy one to wear, but a lovely take on a traditional tee shirt shape. The slanted sleeve makes them a super flattering cut on all arms and the neckline is a lovely curved scoop complimenting those both with a fuller and smaller bust. They are the perfect go to shape for weekends when you’re needing a more casual top for jeans, and also great teamed back with denim. But also perfect for those who work in workplaces where a modest neckline is important – teachers, we’re talking to you! They are a great length to be worn out over skirts and pants – as they don’t sit on an awkward part of your hip, with enough length to be tied up in a little knot like we have below – as well as tucked into skirts, pants and shorts. These are available in our every body range and come in six different colours – something for all style preferences!

Our Rizzo tops are a staff favourite here at Made590 and created specifically because there weren’t any tops in this slash neckline in the marketplace – and we so wanted a shape like this to wear! We wanted to re-invigorate this vintage 50’s shape we so loved, but give it a modern and fresh update. We love Rizzo because of her higher neckline, which can also be worn as a slight cowl neck due to the soft and drapey bamboo jersey. The cuff sleeve gives it a smart casual feel and can look quite dressy underneath a blazer and tucked in, to balance out the proportions. We also find people gravitate towards Rizzo as a summer option if you like to protect your neck from the sun. These are also available in our every body range all in easy to wear colours!

I feel this Trixie dress really speaks for itself, wouldn’t you agree? It’s got all the details to make the most perfect shirt dress with the cute collar, buttoned bodice, gathered skirt, modest length and back zip. Trixie is a go to for your work wardrobe ticking all the boxes for formality, but also the perfect traveling piece as it can really be worn for all occasions – dressy or casual. And a great dress that will take you through all the seasons as you can layer underneath with stockings and long sleeve tops. She’s a structured piece, without being too structured and we’ve purposefully used this lovely light weight linen to soften the angles and details of this dress for summer days! Also available in our ever body range!

We knew we had to create the shirt version of our trixie dress! We know how hard it is to find a good shirt – that doesn’t look too corporate, but is dressy enough for work and easy enough for every day wear too. With all the same features as our trixie dress, she’s the perfect shape to wear with skirts, jeans and pants. And this lush green linen makes a statement, whilst being effortless in such a light weight fabric. This is a great staple to add to the wardrobe that will be worn and well loved for years to come available in our every body range!

Our flutter tees are both a staff and customer favourite here at Made590, balancing the femininity of a frill with comfort and ease of wear for every day. The go to piece to add back with our printed skirts and denim based drill skirts. Featuring a flattering neckline that is not too deep nor to high, and perfect for those with a fuller or smaller bust. Available in our every body range and in colours that can easily be co-ordinated with primary colours and softer, more pastel hues. Your flutter tees will be one you’ll always come back to wearing and the perfect travel companion!

Our ballet wraps really are both a staff and customer favourite – we all own at least one ballet wrap amongst us ladies here at Made590. They’re a really versatile and light weight piece, great for those in between seasons and perfect for those who like some arm coverage in the hotter days. With it’s stretchy fabrication you can have fun with this design and tie it around in different ways. It ‘s cropped length is great to highlight your waist or create a waistline and a great cardigan alternative!

Our Black Kenzi skirt has to be one of our best selling staple skirts. The design of this, combined with the weight of this drill, make it a super flattering cut to wear – holding you in across your front, and grazing over your backside and hips in the most flattering way! It is really is a very clever skirt, highlighting all of your lovely curves. We’ve also included belt loop holes in this skirt so you’re free to add a bit of colour and fun to this piece with your accessories.

Like all things we create here we endeavour to make your wardrobe fun, colourful and above all else easy to navigate when putting an outfit together. It’s our love of these three things that made us create this new Every Body Every Day range for spring! We just ADORE the jewel toned basics we have created for this range, from deep cool greens to bright magentas, there is something in this little collection for everyone’s wardrobe needs this summer. We have used a range of wonderfully light natural fibres like silky bamboo jersey, soft drapey linen and luscious stretch sateen. We are so excited to be offering this entire range in our Every Body inclusive sizing, because as we all know good basics are SO hard to come by, but even more so in inclusive sizes! Our EB ED range consists of Easy, Flutter and Rizzo tees in classic colours, colourful swishy linen Valentina skirts and even some fancy Trixie dresses in simple fabrics to see you through the summer heat. Check out the whole range online, in store and at the Slow Fashion market in Petersham this Saturday!