As some of you may know, this year we turn 15 at Made590! And to celebrate we wanted to put the spotlight on the people who make what we do possible, each and every day – our incredibly, loyal Made590 customers. Over the next weeks and months we’ll be sharing them with you all. We asked them to answer some questions about us here at Made590 and we’ve been so moved and overwhelmed by their commitment to our shared values and ethics. We can’t wait to serve you all for another 15+ years. So, instead of hearing from us, we’ve passed the mic to our customers. Have a read below to hear what they had to share about Made590!

Everyone meet, Made590 customer, Simone Crerar

Simone Crerar

What is your favourite Made590 piece/collection? Very hard choice to make there’s so many, but probably the Penny Skirt in the Botanist Print. I love that she is based on a dress made by Christina’s Nonna in the 60’s and includes flowers from Christina’s and her mother’s garden. Three generations of inspiration in one perfect skirt. I love wearing a piece that has so much meaning to it.

What do you love most about shopping with us in-store? It’s such a nice environment, you’re all so lovely and passionate about what you’re doing. I came to you very bland with a wardrobe full of black and you’re teaching me to be brave and introduce colour, fun & pattern into my wardrobe one piece at a time.

What would be your dream Made590 piece? A dress combining Trixie or Jessie on the top and Penny on the bottom (maybe with the belt tabs). Feel free to call her Simone 🙂

Why do you choose to support Made590? I love supporting my local businesses, and I love that Made590 in turn supports local makers, artists & staff. I recall a quote (Ican’t remember from who) but went along the lines of “Supporting a small business puts soccer boots on their child’s feet and food on their table NOT a bonus in a CEO’s already overstuffed wallet”. That’s important to me.

Everyone meet, Made590 customer, Linda Blair

Linda Blair

Why do you love Made590? Lots of reasons – as a maker I am really happy that the clothes are all locally made, the quality of the clothes and of course now the EveryBody range which means that I can get everything in my size. I love the colour and patterns and the fact that I can put things together in all sorts of ways. I love that there are always new ranges and shapes but that shapes are repeated so if it’s a favourite I can buy it in new materials.

What Made590 piece do you wear most? I think my cardis. It’s cheating a bit because I have them in a few different colours so I am talking about multiple pieces. In winter I wear a cardi nearly every day I think I wore my blue and gold lurex cardigans most of all this winter.

What is your most commented on Made590 piece? The piece I have the most conversations about is my Big Aussie Road Trip top. People notice one of the big things then it’s like a game trying to work out where they all are!

What do you love most about our in-store experience? I love that when I go into the store no matter who is working they will be friendly, welcoming and really helpful. I also love that the store itself is is colourful and full of interesting things. The final thing is that I am so happy it is just a block from my house!

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