Everyone meet, made590 customer, Sue Mcmahon

Why do love Made590 and choose to shop with us? I have been going to Made590 since around 2003/2004.  Made590 is my personal Disney Land.  I love walking in and being surrounded by colours, patterns and choices!

What do you love about our in-store experience? 
I always feel like I can try anything on and give it a go with no judgment.  In fact the crazier the better!  I always have a laugh with the Ladies at Made590.  Kelly created a pattern clashing addiction after she suggested I put on a bright pink reindeer print ‘Kelly’ skirt and a big print floral top.  I never looked back –  I was hooked!

 What is your most commented on Made590 outfit? I have so many outfits!  My most commented on piece in my wardrobe would have to be my ‘Birdy Allsorts’ skirt.  People love trying to remember the names of all the biscuits on there!

What is one of your oldest Made590 pieces/prints? I can’t remember my first print.  It would have to be one of Chris’s printed Ts that I still wear  – grey T with white printed architectural house design.