Everyone meet, made590 customer, Natalie Mason

Why do you shop with us here at Made590?
For all the reasons…but here are my top three! All Made590 daydreaming, pattern-making, fabric design and actual making of your clothes happens right here in Australia. Locally made is so important to me. Your customer service is above and beyond, every time. Especially as someone who does not live in Sydney and cannot try things on before I buy them. I’ve never had trouble getting sizing advice before I buy. And because you make solid pieces that suit my shape in incredible fabrics that allow me to be creative. I love wearing odd combinations of tops and skirts to create the ultimate pattern clash, or pattern smash as I like to call it!

What is your most commented on Made590 piece?
Um, all of them? Most recently it’s been my Baby Bonnie Alpine and Sunset Moonscape skirts that have attracted the most comments. Of all time, though, my Birdie All Sorts top, for sure. Even if someone isn’t saying anything about it they are DEFINITELY staring at the birds and biccies! I have had some hilarious conversations with people trying to name all the biscuits, having to dig deep for some of the names. 

What would be your Made590 dream piece?
A deep purple cropped cardigan. Pretty please with sugar on top!

How long have you been a Made590 customer and do you remember your first piece?
In September 2012 I was visiting friends in Sydney and we took a trip to the Blue Mountains. In a shop there I bought a teal Cadet dress and loved it so much. The shopkeeper suggested I visit Made590 when I got back to Sydney. So, on 27 September 2012, I walked into Made590 for the very first time. I bought a Petal top, an Indigo tee and a Kelly skirt. Since then I have primarily bought online, building my Made590 collection over the years. I’d say 95% of the clothes I own are Made590. I’m real proud of that. Thank you for dressing me! 

My Made590 Wardrobe!