Everyone meet, Made590 customer, Jess Melkman

What do you love about Made590 and why do you choose to shop with us? I love the friendly faces and staff at Made590. Having shopped there for so long now, I feel like I know everyone there and they know me. My Dad also used to have a clothing store and I know how important these relationships are, it goes both ways. My loyalty and in return I get amazing customer service. I don’t want to shop anywhere else. I also love being unique and different. I have designed my own fabrics and taught myself how to sew because it is always hard to find alternative fashionable clothing that isn’t mass produced. However, you don’t see Made590 on everyone. I can be myself and stand out from the crowd and also know that I am supporting a local small business. My wardrobe is never boring and I love my collection of dresses.

What is your favourite go to outfit/collection/piece? I think every season there has been a fave. There is always at least one piece that I either save for a special occasion or that I wear on high rotation. I love my Turkish Delight jersey dress. I love my Terrace House print. I love the Celebration print cause it is all about Christmas and all the colours. I love all of Andrea Smith’s Illustrations and have a lot of those pieces. But really, my go to is a Jessie Dress. So any of those win for me!

What is your most commented on Made590 piece/collection? I get different comments depending on my “outfit”. I love putting together a dress with a pair of brooches, earrings, stockings and cardi. Depending on the context and what I am doing, I often get comments. I get stopped in the supermarket “Oh look at how colourful you look today!”. Recently I went to the Sydney Observatory and wore my Laura Blythman moon dress and got a lot of comments. I wore my Diving Girls dress on the plane back from Melbourne and got stopped by other passengers. I wore the sailing boat Sally scollop when leaving hospital with my first baby and the midwives exclaimed how lovely and bright I looked. Some of the gorgeous designs are so interesting people stop to look and then keep discovering more about the design as they examine it (and me) closer. This always makes me smile.

What was your very first Made590 purchase OR your earliest Made590 memory/experience? My very FIRST dress was a navy blue polka dot dress with red binding and a screen printed owl on the bust (I think) from a Finders Keepers market. But my first dress from the shop (May 2012) was a lovely Thelma dress with a deer in the heavy cotton print. (see pic above in slideshow) I still have the dress and cherish it.

What would be your dream Made590 piece? Maybe a piece that I can design the fabric for?? HAHA!