Everyone meet, Made590 customer, Leena Savolainen

Leena Savolainen

Why do you wear and choose to support Made590? I enjoy wearing Made590 because it sings to my soul: I love the colours, patterns and design of the clothes. It’s fun choosing what to wear every day! I like knowing that that I’m supporting a local business that is also supporting local artists and local makers. I’m inspired by Chris and all her team: you create clothes with love, and every piece you make has a story, your creative well is deep. I think everyone needs a little (or a lot) of Made590 in their life.

What do you love about our in-store Made590 experience? Whilst I do browse online, I love coming in store for the sense of community and belonging. Everyone is always friendly and caring, and I always enjoy a chat and some laughs.

What is your favourite Made590 piece/collection/product? That’s a hard call as I love the variety of dresses and skirts, but I do have a weakness for those merino cardigans!

 What is your most commented on Made590 piece? Recently, I have had compliments on the Penelope dress with the Moonscape print and the Terraces sunset skirt. Also, I find people will always comment on the Pineapple print winter dress from about four years ago, it seems to inspire joy.

Every one meet, Made590 customer, Anne Jacobs

Anne Jacobs

What is your all-time favourite Made590 piece/outfit you wear?
This is a tough one. I have 2 favourites. Any one of my many sunset skirts or my Jessie dresses. Specifically my Jessie dresses in the outback wife prints and most recently in the party gum – Hayley Wills. It just makes me happy when I wear it! 

Why do you choose to support/shop at Made590? First off I love Christina’s mission on keeping everything local and how everything is made in Australia. I like knowing where my money is going and I just love the service and the smile that I get when I walk into the store. I love how everything I wear is unique and feels like a piece of art. 

What is your most commented on Made590 piece? Honestly anything I wear from Made gets commented on. This goes without fail. I’m known as the Made590 girl amongst my friends. 

What would be your dream Made590 piece?Any dress named after me!! (Ha!) Hmmm… I don’t know if Made590 has made this, yet but maybe a midi style dress.